Know Your Franchise Competency in 10 mins

We understand franchising is a key internationalisation and expansion strategy for your company and brand.


FLA, supported by Enterprise Singapore (ESG), developed a Franchise Competency Framework, officially launched in 2019. Till date, we have conducted the diagnostic assessment for more than 120 brands.


The diagnostic assessment identifies competency gaps in your franchise system and suggests areas to work on. We have adapted the assessment toolkit to an online version which takes less than 10 minutes to complete.


The online assessment is complimentary for all enterprises; FLA aims to elevate the overall franchise competency level of Singapore enterprises (to ready companies for recovery, post COVID-19).


You can access the online assessment tool (with 15 comprehensive questions) with the link:


We encourage you to take time to complete the assessment to understand your brands’ competency level and franchise-readiness.


For more information on Franchise Diagnostic Assessment (FDA), please click here to view the FDA brochure. Thank you.

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