Know Your Franchise Competency in 10 mins

Franchising is a secure strategy for growing your brand & internationalisation.


FLA, supported by Enterprise Singapore (ESG) developed a Franchise Competency Framework, officially launched in Q4, 2019. Till date, we have conducted the diagnostic assessment for more than 200 brands.


The diagnostic assessment helps companies to understand and strengthen competencies by seeking continuous improvement against a progressive tiering of competence framework. Strong brands would instil greater confidence to secure franchisees for business growth and global expansion.


The digitised assessment toolkit (click) can be completed within 10 minutes. The online assessment is complimentary for all enterprises; FLA hopes to standardise and support the elevation of franchise competency level of brands regionally and globally.


We encourage you to take time to complete the assessment to better understand your brands’ competency level and franchise-readiness.


Contact should you required further assistance.
Thank you.


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