Workshop: Franchising in Japan

Workshop: Franchising in Japan

About this event

Japan is a matured and experienced franchise markets in the ASEAN region that has embraced franchising as a form of business growth strategy since 1970s. Today, there are varied franchise operations in Japan, namely the food and beverage, retail (e.g. convenience stores & lifestyle concepts) & education/service sectors. In 2021, the Japan Franchise Association reported 1,339 franchises & 263,490 franchise locations; the continuous growth of franchising in Japan, is an excellent opportunity for Singapore brands.

There is no specific franchise act in Japan, however, there are various rules governing franchise businesses in the country, which franchisors must comply with. Join us for the comprehensive workshop on 16th February  2023 as your guide to enter Japan.

Key Highlights

· Franchising overview in Japan

· Why Japan market & key success factors for growth?

· Doing Business in Japan

· Franchise laws in Japan

· Fireside chats with SG brands that successfully entered Japan

· What are Japanese consumers looking for?

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