Sparklekidz Academy Pte Ltd

Unique Selling Points

Sparklekidz - We 're the affordable One-stop Shop for Comprehensive Quality Education. With Sparklekidz, you get more that just a tutor. We provide a well-rounded learning experience that will help your child excel in school and beyond.   


Curriculum Programme

  • Personalized Learning E.g. Customized Learning 
  • Blended Learning E.g. Online 24/7 Learning 
  • LifeSkills Training E.g. Toast Master Junior, Character Building 
  • Primary Enrichment Program E.g. Creative Writing, Mathematics Olympiad, Mathematics Heuristics, Science Heuristics 
  • Tuition Classes E.g. One-to-one and Small Group 
  • STEAM Education E.g. Robotics Coding, Augmented Reality Virtual Reality Coding, Game Design, App Design
  • Thematic School Holiday Program
  • School Holiday Learning Journey 


Operation Support

  • Ready Available Locations
  • Full Franchise System Training Support
  • Central Kitchen Food Services Provision
  • Standard Curriculum Support Provision 
  • Fully guided and hand-held by Founder who is Singapore Entrepreneur
  • System and Marketing Training Monthly
  • Central Staff Hiring System  


Organization Accolade and Awards

  • Singapore Entrepreneur Award
  • Singapore Trusted Quality Brand
  • Singapore Outstanding Enterprise 
  • Top 100 Singapore Excellence Award
  • SME Excellent Award




Sparklekidz offers comprehensive educational programs designed to help 7 to 14 years excel in school and beyond. From academic enrichment and skills development activities to extracurricular activities and more, our unique offering sets us apart from the competition. We provide the kind of quality education that will guarantee success - both in the classroom and in life while keeping prices affordable so you don't break the bank. 

It's time to give your children the academic assistance they deserve! Submit your details to learn more about Sparklekidz today.   


Franchise Information

Year of Incorporation2012
Country of IncorporationSingapore
Franchise Fees45000
Average Investment/unit/store100000 - 150000
Royalty (% of Turnover)5%
Marketing Fees3%
Renewal Fees30000
Franchisor Tenure3 + 3
Sparklekidz TM

Brand Name Sparklekidz TM

Franchise / License Status Franchisee

Country of Origin Singapore

Description Sparklekidz is Premium Student Care who provides after school program and supervision to school going children aged 7 years (Primary 1) to 14 years (Secondary 2). We are committed to the holistic development of children. We provide quality student care program with a conducive environment that allows their physical, intellectual and emotional well being as they learn in a social setting at our student care centre in Singapore.

Sparklekidz TM Holiday Program

Brand Name Sparklekidz TM Holiday Program

Franchise / License Status Franchisee

Country of Origin Singapore

Description Discover the Singapore's wonders with our unbeatable Signature School Holiday Program and exhilarating weekly Excursion Program.
" Unleash The Adventure with our School Holiday Excursions!"

Sparklekidz TM Tuition

Brand Name Sparklekidz TM Tuition

Franchise / License Status Franchisee

Country of Origin Singapore

Description Unlock your full potential with top-notch tuition in Singapore!
Looking for a lucrative business opportunity in the education industry? Join our established tuition franchise brand and make a real difference in students' lives. With our proven system, comprehensive training and on going support, you can enjoy financial freedom and personal fulfillment. Don't miss out this chance to be a part of something meaningful and profitable - contact us to learn more!

Sparklekidz TM Character Development

Brand Name Sparklekidz TM Character Development

Franchise / License Status Franchisee

Country of Origin Singapore

Description "Build a foundation of excellence with character building education."

Empower your child with character building education that goes beyond academics. At our institution, we instill values such as integrity, resilience and empathy to prepare your child for a successful and fulfilling life. Our Comprehensive approach to education ensures that your child develops not only academic excellence but also strong character and leadership skills. Enroll your child with us today and see the difference in their growth.

Sparklekidz TM Robotics Coding

Brand Name Sparklekidz TM Robotics Coding

Franchise / License Status Franchisee

Country of Origin Singapore

Description "Robotic Coding: The key to unlocking your child's creativity and innovation."
Revolutionize education and join the booming robotics industry with our cutting-edge robotic coding franchise. With hands-on learning and innovative technology, our program prepares student s for a future of limitless possibilities. Join our franchise network and lead the way in STEM education today!

Early Cognition Laboratory Partnership

Award Name Early Cognition Laboratory Partnership

Description Conducted by Nanyang Technological University Singapore in Early Childhood Research and Contributions to the Understanding of Cognitive Development in Childhood.