Cray Ventures Private Limited

Unique Selling Points

With 18 outlets and growing in Singapore since its founding in 2017, the Taiwanese bubble tea brand has been marketed successfully as Playmade - a brand that evokes youthfulness, creativity and innovation. Its brand mission “Everyone’s everyday drink, made by hand and using all-natural ingredients.” 


Over the years, it has also created Playground by Playmade - a contemporary and fun cafe dine-in F&B concept that serves an all-day menu specializing in tea-inspired, fusion snacks and quick meals and dessert to complement the teas. It has also launched its own line of merchandise.

What sets Playmade apart from other bubble tea brands:

  • Freshly-made pearls produced daily in an open-kitchen concept as an artistry display, in a hygienic and safe environment. 
  • Product innovation and creation - a product launch collection almost every 1-2 months.
  • Pursuance of quality ingredients sourced locally and internationally including Taiwan.
  • Its fun and creative brand spirit has also created opportunities for merchandising and marketing collaborations with many leading and creative brands.


CRAY VENTURES is an ACRA-registered entity that has been operating  in Singapore since its incorporation in 2017. 


Its business includes:

  1. Master franchising of Taiwanese bubble tea brand Onezo under the brand Playmade
  2. QSR concepts - Creating and operating F&B concepts such as Playground by Playmade

Franchise Information

Year of Incorporation6
Country of IncorporationSingapore

Brand Name Playmade

Franchise / License Status Master Franchisee

Country of Origin Singapore

Description Founded in 2017, Playmade is one of the leading quick-service tea players in Singapore and we are looking for partners to expand our footprint globally!
With 18 outlets and growing in Singapore, the youthful brand has won the hearts of many tea lovers both young and old. The brand’s playful spirit is seen through the name - evoking a sense of imagination and hand-crafted fun.
At Playmade, we pride ourselves in using only the freshest ingredients both imported or locally sourced, creative menu offerings and the R&D of our exotic and creative tea flavors. What sets ourselves apart from other bubble tea brands is our freshly-made pearls produced daily in an open-kitchen concept as an artistry display, in a hygienic and safe environment.