Bao Concepts International Pte Ltd

Unique Selling Points

Preparing every single cup individually the handcrafted way,


This is At Tea’s philosophy in the art of beverage making.


Our expert tea sommeliers are involved in every step of the way. From the picking of tea leaves, to roasting, and creating the unique At Tea blend.


We set the highest standards for ourselves so that you can savour a perfect cup of At Tea.


The individual professionalism of our tea baristas shines through in every sip.


And this, to us is the perfect way to make tea.


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With the same spirit, combined with a well-rooted tea culture, At Tea simply means a cup of quality tea which is brewed upon order, and made only for you!


At Tea dares to be different, not just in our drinks and brand presentation. From the unique interior decor and design, to our special blend of flavours, At Tea will provide an experience that excites your sense of taste, scent and sight.

Franchise Information

Year of Incorporation2019
Country of IncorporationSingapore
At Tea 署茗職茶

Brand Name At Tea 署茗職茶

Franchise / License Status Master Franchisee

Country of Origin Taiwan

Description At Tea 署茗職茶 is a specialty tea concept founded by world-known artist, Jam Hsiao in Taiwan. Since its launch in May 2020, the brand is well loved by many for its quality offerings and comfortable ‘insta-worthy’ environment. At Tea 署茗職茶simply means a cup of quality tea which is brewed upon order, and made specially only for you! Visit us to experience the selection of tea beverages specially curated by Jam Hsiao himself.