Career Conversion Programme (CCP) for Professional Executive – Franchising & Licensing Track

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FLA is excited to launch CCP for Professional Executive – Franchising and Licensing Track (supported by WSG) to equip and prepare your staff for business growth post COVID-19.


Rationale: Businesses have transformed significantly; new business formats and operation procedures will need to be transferred to both local & overseas partners to ensure brand consistency.


Objective: To support companies in Reskilling existing manpower (current jobs made redundant) and Redeploying for franchise (internationalisation/business development/business expansion/business growth) related scopes (i.e. both domestic as well as offshores). 

Also to reskilled PMETs (new hires) for franchise related scopes.


Programme caters to franchisable industries (incl F&B, Education, Enrichment, Lifestyle, Retail, Services).
*Programme period (3months)
*6 modules (total 96hrs of curriculum training conducted online) 


6 compulsory training modules (planned to be conducted via synchronous e-learning in June and July*): get a glimpse of the course by clicking on the links below

Module A: Franchise Strategy & Legal Considerations (2 days) 

Glimpse of module A (part 1)

Glimpse of module A (part 2)

Module D: Franchise Financials, Relationship Management & Continuous Innovation (2.5 days)

Glimpse of module D

Module C: Branding & Marketing in Franchising (1.5 days)

Glimpse of module C

Module B: Franchise Systems & Technology (2 days)

Glimpse of module B

Module E: Franchise Setup & Operations Essentials (2.5 days)

Glimpse of module E

Module F: People Management & Communications in Franchising (1.5 days)

Glimpse of module F


Factsheet on Funding Support and Requirements (for course fee & salary) & curriculum details (click here to download). 

Please contact [email protected] / 84484341 for enquiries on programme fee and curriculum/course details.